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Held yearly in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Reggae Sumfest is the premiere Jamaican music festival. This multi-day event is the perfect way to enjoy international and local reggae artists. Fans gather from around the world to celebrate and appreciate reggae’s finest. 

We’ve put together a handy guide that will assist you in planning your trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. Keep reading for all the details of Reggae Sumfest 2024. 

What is Reggae Sumfest? 

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This event is the largest annual musical festival in the Caribbean. The inaugural event was held in 1993. 

Each year, music fans gather in Montego Bay, Jamaica to celebrate the world of reggae. A full lineup of musical artists are featured each year. Previous acts included: 50 Cent, Rhianna, Usher, and Nikki Minaj. 

Reggae Sumfest 2024 Lineup

Reggae Sumfest 2024 has a lineup that is sure to impress music lovers. Some performers in the lineup include Babyface, Capleton, Aidonia, Beres Hammond, and Anthony B, to name a few.

Festival Schedule

These festivals are held every July in Montego Bay, Jamaica. This year, Jamaica Sumfest 2024 will be held July 14th-20th. The week-long event features a full schedule of concerts, cuisine, and other festivities including: 

Sumfest Family Funday 

Reggae Sumfest

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When: July 14th 11:00am-6:00pm

Where: Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica

This family-friendly event is appropriate for all ages and interests. Free medical, vision, and dental screenings will be offered for all family members.  Rides will be available and free for all children. Prizes will be given away, so be sure to check this event out! 

Sumfest Street Dance 

Reggae Sumfest

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When: July 15th at 7:00pm

Where: Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Enjoy an authentic Jamaican experience at the Sumfest Street Dance event. The Street Dance has grown over the years and will be housed in a larger location for 2024. DJ’s and newer artists are featured, while focusing on the Jamaican dancehall culture. Plenty of food, music and reggae lifestyle will be celebrated! 

Sumfest All White Party

Reggae Sumfest

When: July 16th at 7:00pm

Where: Pier 1, Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Sponsored by Hennessy, The Sumfest All White party will be held at Pier 1. Party-goers will enjoy hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. 

Sumfest Global Sound Clash

Reggae Sumfest

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When: July 17th at 8:00pm

Where: Catherine Hall, Montego Bay

Attendees of the Sumfest Global Sound Clash will cheer on their selected Sound Systems. Each DJ will battle and attempt to beat the defending champion, Dynamq Sound. 

Sumfest Rumfest Blitz

Reggae Sumfest

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When: July 18th at 1:00pm

Where: Catherine Hall, Montego Bay

Partnering with Appleton Estate, the Sumfest Rumfest Blitz is not-to-be-missed! A variety of acts will perform while patrons enjoy a large selection of rums. 

Main Festival Night 1

Reggae Sumfest

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When: July 19th 6 pm – Dawn

Where: Catherine Hall, Montego Bay

Enjoy performances by Capleton, Dexta Daps, Teejay, Aidonia, Valiant, Jada Kingdom, 450, Kraff, Malie Donn, Turbulence, Pablo YG, Munga Honorable, Marcy Chin, Kaka Highflames, and Jquan. Plus, a surprise guest will be announced soon!

Main Festival Night 2

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When: July 20th 6 pm – Dawn

Where: Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre In Montego Bay

Main Festival Night 2 will feature Babyface, Beres Hammond, Anthony B, Luciano, D’yani, Norris Man, Ras I, Sevana, Nigy Boy, 80’s/90’s Gold Skool (with Wickeman, Daddy Lizard, Peter Metro, Anthony Malvo), Christopher Ellis, and more.

Reggae Sumfest Tickets

You can check here for the Reggae Sumfest ticket cost and purchase tickets for each event on the Sumfest website

Enjoy the Reggae Sumfest Montego Bay, Jamaica offers. You are guaranteed to make wonderful memories and have the experience of a lifetime. Treat yourself to ultimate relaxation at Villa Sweet Villa, the perfect place to unwind after all the action-packed festivals of Sumfest.

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